What makes our Hand Carved Roast Beef so great?  First it starts with an excellent beef.  Our purveyors provide us with the best cuts and roasts for all our beef offerings, and our roasts are certainly no exception.  Just the right amount of fat  ensures a depth of flavor that is unparalleled!  Then there is our patience.  We slow roast your beef, which locks in the juices.  Our seared outside ensures the flavor is locked in along with those juices.  Each sandwich portion is hand carved per order as it has been since 1962.

Our Founder, Grandpop Arnold Pompei used to say “If you can’t read the paper through it, it’s too thick!”  That tradition continues today and our Hand Carved Roast Beef is a point of pride.  But we are so much more.  We are a third generation Family owned and operated business serving American cuisine with some Italian offerings as well. See below!

Traditional & Delicious! Chicken Parm.

We have delicious and fresh seafood as well.  Our Mussels are a favorite item at the bar, enjoyed with an entree in the dining room or at a barside table while watching your favorite local entertainers. 

Mussels White! White wine, garlic & butter! Delicious!

So whether you are looking for an intimate dinner date in our dining room, a fun get together in the Bar Area or if you just want to kick back at the bar with a cold microbrew and a hand carved roast beef sandwich, The Riddle Ale House is waiting to serve you!

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